Puddleglum is a Marshwiggle in C. S. Lewis's novel The Silver Chair, part of The Chronicles of Narnia. Marshwiggles are taller than humans and have tough, leathery skin. They live in clusters of wigwams near marshes, eat eels, and smoke a strange sort of tobacco with a smoke that is heavier than air; some say they mix their tobacco with mud. A giants' cookbook in the castle of Harfang, "home of the 'gentle giants'," describes the flesh of a Marshwiggle as being "muddy-tasting," and "stringy." Puddleglum snored quite terribly, though it is unknown if this is a common characteristic of all Marshwiggles.


Marshwiggles are most well-known for their pessimistic views on life, In fact, The other Marsh-wiggles find Puddleglum unpleasantly cheerful. Despite their glum outlook, though, they are very brave; while trying to rescue Prince Rilian, Puddleglum and his companions are enchanted with a strange fire and music. Puddleglum manages to grab a hold of himself enough to step forward and stamp out the fire with his bare feet, partly destroying the Green Witch's spell.


Puddleglum was actually based on CS Lewis' gardener, who had a penchant for seeing the worst in everything.


In the BBC television version of The Silver Chair Puddleglum is portrayed by Tom Baker.


Rumour has it that in The Walden Media Film 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair', he will be portrayed by Andrew Adamson.


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Puddleglum is a main character in the 6th Narnia Book “The Silver Chair”

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Tom Baker as Puddleglum.




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