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Tyne Bridges




Hareshaw Linn waterfall (Northumberland’s highest)

Bamburgh Castle

Causey Arch (early railway bridge, largest arch in the world when it was built)

Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site

New Lanark World Heritage Site

Cragside (first house in the World to be lit by electric lights)

Union Chain Bridge (World’s first large chain suspension bridge—joins England and Scotland)


Kielder Reservoir

Fast Castle (rumoured to contain the treasure of the Spanish Armada)

Holy Island (birthplace of Christianity in Britain)

College Valley (the secret valley)

Berwick (fortified town)

Corra Linn

Durham (cathedral, castle, University)



Abbey St. Bathans

High Force waterfall. Highest waterfall in England.

Allen Banks

Darlington Railway Museum


Bowes Museum


Hadrian’s Wall was built to mark territory. It’s prime purpose was not to keep the Scots out. The Romans has settlements north of the wall, and into Scotland.


The Romans also built the Antoine Wall in Scotland.


Edinburgh is named after King Edwin, he created it as Northumbria's most northern town.


St Aiden formed the great Christian Priory on Holy Island.


St. Cuthbert linked the church to Rome.


The light bulb was invented in 1878 by Joseph Swan of Sunderland. He patented and demonstrated his invention one year before Thomas Edison.


In 1878 Cragside became the first house in the world to use electric lights. The electricity was generated by water power.


Mosely Street in Newcastle was the first street in the world to use electric lights.


The Stockton to Darlington railway was the first railway in the world.


George Stephenson is seen as the father of the railways.


Grace Darling is a famous lighthouse heroine.


Charles Parsons developed the steam turbine for power stations and ships.


Emily Davison was a member of the suffragette movement (campaigners for votes for women). She died when she ran in front of the King’s horse in 1913.


Sunderland used to be the most important port in the world.


Catherine Cookson is one of the world’s best selling authors.


The North East contains the fastest flowing English river in spate, the Tyne. Scotland’s longest two rivers, the Clyde and the Tweed also flow near this region.





Famous people (Present day)

Sport : Bobby Robson, Bobby and Jackie Charlton, Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley, Chris Waddle,  Bryan Robson, Rory Underwood, Brendan Foster, Steve Cram


Acting : Rown Atkinson, Stephen Tompkinson, Eric Idle, Wendy Craig, Kevin Whately, James Bolam, Gina McKee, Liz Carling, Imogen Stubbs, Robson Green, Jimmy Nail, Jill Halfpenny


Directing : Ridley Scott


Music (Groups) : The Animals, Prefab Sprout, Lindisfarne, Prelude


Music : Neil Tennant, Sting, Hank Marvin, Dave Stewart, Bryan Ferry, Paul Rodgers, Brain Johnson, David Coverdale, Kathryn Tickell, Chris Rea


Authors : Terry Deary, Ian la Frenais


News : Kate Adie, Mike Neville




Berwick is a town within England. The region Berwickshire is in Scotland. Berwick’s football team plays in the Scottish league.


Between 1147 and 1482 Berwick changed hands 13 times between England and Scotland. In 1482 it was claimed for England but not officially merged with England.


At the end of the Crimea War in 1856 Berwick was somehow left-off the Peace Treaty between Britain and Russia. This meant that, technically, the town of Berwick was at war with Russia for another 110 years!


In 1966 a Russian official and the Berwick mayor signed a formal peace treaty.


The Union Chain bridge, near Berwick, is the world’s oldest suspension bridge. The bridge connects the English and Scottish banks of the River Tweed.



Places to visit in the North East

and the Borders.

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