Limping Seagulls

Take a square piece of paper.

Fold in half.

Fold top and bottom edges into the middle.

Fold the top right corner down.

Fold the bottom left corner up.

Open back out.

Fold the small triangles back on themselves.

Fold the top right corner under the lower fold.

Fold the bottom left corner under the upper fold.

Fold bottom right corner under the shape.

Fold top left corner under the shape.

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How to assemble a cube

Note - pieces for shapes other than a cube require one more fold shown below.

The triangular points fold into the straight sides each time.

Larger shapes

For larger shapes an additional fold is required (shown below). The shape is then assembled as before.

Nearly finished!


Patterns can be created if you use the correct number of colours for each shape and assemble them carefully.


6 pieces - Cube          3 colours, 2 of each


12 pieces - Stellated octahedron          4 colours, 3 of each


30 pieces - Stellated icosahedron          5 colours, 6 of each


36 pieces - Stellated stellated hexahedron.          4 colours, 9 of each


48 pieces - Semi stellated stellated cubocathedron.          4 colours, 12 of each


90 pieces - Stellated stellated dodecahedron.          6 colours, 15 of each