English Phonics Card games


Players : 2 to 4


Age : 7+


Description : players create words by taking word cards from the next player or from the centre of the table. At the end of a round players score points for their words. In the next round there are less cards but each word is worth one point more (shown by the dice). The Flag card indicates which player is leading and is also used to decide who goes first. At the end of a set number of rounds the player with the most points wins.


Contents of each game


Flag card

16 word beginning cards

16 word ending cards

One dice

Game 1

Initial letter/ vowel consonant ending

Game 2

Initial consonant blends/ vowel consonant ending

Game 3

Initial letter/ final consonant blend

consonant ending

Game 4

Initial consonant blends/ final consonant blend

Game 5

Initial letter/ split digraph ending (magic ‘e’)

Game 6

Initial consonant blends/ split digraph ending (magic ‘e’)

Game 7

Initial letter/ vowel digraph ending

Game 8

Initial consonant blends/ vowel digraph ending consonant ending

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